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*deep breath*


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So uh, I haven’t seen this on my dash, but check out this kickstarter!

They’re waterballoons that SELF TIE, make a HUNDRED at a time, AND AND they’re biodegradablee!! Seriously why isn’t this all over my dash yet??

They’ve already reached WAY over their goal, but you can still get some early bird deliveries for an early start of the water balloon madness!

What a time to be alive

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fish shaming [x]

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Things Harry Potter Actors say

This is why I love these people

We’re like sisters

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Popular antidepressant Effexor recalled: What you should do






Patients taking the antidepressant Effexor (venlafaxine) should be aware that the drug manufacturer Pfizer has issued a recall of one lot of the medications after they discovered one bottle contained a heart drug used to treat atrial fibrillation.

The medication found is Tikosyn that was discovered in one bottle of Effexor XR. The heart medication could cause abnormal heartbeat that could cause symptoms of dizziness, sweating, pallor and fainting.

Patients should check their antidepressant for lot numbers 130142 and V130140, with expiration date of October 2015. Also recalled is Effexor XR with Greenstone lot number V130014, which expires in August 2015.

The antidepressant recall includes two lots of Effexor XR® 150 Mg Extended-Release Capsules and one lot of Greenstone’s Venlafaxine HCl 150 Mg Extended-Release Capsules.

The FDA warns the interaction between the heart drug Tikosyn and venlafaxine “could be fatal”.

Hi friends - if you know anyone who might use the medication, please reblog/signal boost

well fuck i’ll have to check mine when i get home

Boost this!

Yo, check with your Pharmacy as well, give them a call/go to the store and ask. When these things happen all pharmacies get the notices and check their products (mostly cause we gotta ship ‘em back) Also, you only need to be careful if you’re getting the actual bottle and not amber vials. 

Effexor and Tikosyn look waaay different and any tech/Pharmacist would probably have noticed. We open the bottles, pour out the pills and count them. Believe me, someone probably would have been secretly playing that “One of these things is not like the other.” game. 

Venlafaxine kind of looks like Tikosyn? But not really, and since there’s no generic Pfizer’s name is literally on the pill so…

Time to look at mine.

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i think i can accurately say that i can crush a man’s head with my thighs

This one time when I was in high school, in gym class, a girl looked at my legs and asked how much I weighed. Wish I had a watermelon.

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